MAXWELL Lounge Espresso 

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Our Story of The Cat's Grass Cat Trees:

FELIX Lounge.

Is 5 'tall and has a 2 X 2' base

with 8"extensions out from the lounges. It will weigh 50lbs and will be sturdy enough even for you big cat Maine Coon owners


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The Cat's Grass cat trees are available through this on-line store. If you have any comments or questions please send us a note from the contact page.

Cushion Colour Options

         PERSIA Lounge Espresso                       BENSON Lounge Espresso

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Our latest Cat's Grass Cat Tree

We make our furniture from solid west coast softwood and BC Interior pine beetle wood incorporated with manila rope and washable cushion covers.


Well there is a short story and long story.

The short story is that Maxwell, an indoor cat with a fiesty attitude, seemed to need some outdoor time, so The Cat's Grass founder Michael built his first prototype - two levels built of pressure treated 2 X 4's and with a layer of sod (it was the Cat's Gr-ass). Max loved his time outside on his own piece of furniture.

After countless prototypes and materials' trials Michael determined that the home grown west coast softwood and the interior pine beetle wood were the best and most cost effective materials for the unique designs. The manila rope was found to be a very durable and attractive material - much tougher than, say sisal and much better looking than, say carpet.

The longer story involves walks on west coast wharves, the first job at 16 helping build 52' wooden freezer trawlers. Honduras mahogany planks on oak ribs by the way- the beautiful, simple clean lines of the finished hull were way too cool.