Karen's Persia Princess says "The 30 inch (76cm) length of manila-wrapped found on the Maxwell scratch post is ideal for the post nap stretch. Perfect size, and that manila rope is so claw friendly!"

Katie's feline friend Maxwell reported that the 16 X 24" (40 X 61cm) bed size is ideal for his lounging needs. He feels this is important, since he typically sleeps about 16 hours every day.

Design Team

Kody's ginger pal Felix loves to play, so he's a big advocate (advo-cat? Sorry,) of the two-tiered beds. Kody claims he said something like it being similar to a cat tree or jungle gym.

 Maxwell                    Felix                    Persia

- Big Idea Guy                                  - Head of Crash Testing                    - Chief Comfort Analyst

The Cat's Grass Cat Trees

The Cat's Grass Corporation, based in Vancouver, Canada, designs and manufactures quality pet furniture featuring west coast softwood, pine beetle wood and durable Manila rope wrapping.

Cats love them for their feline-friendly features.

You will love them for their clean and stylish design, healthy natural materials and quality construction.